1. Sign up

Sign up on the portal to get started.

Signing Up for the Customer Portal

  1. Navigate to the URL provided to your by the device manufacturer or Sign in page and click the Sign up link.
  2. The Welcome! page will appear and you will be prompted to choose in what capacity you’re signing up:
    • Customer: Select this option if you will manage, monitor, and use devices for your company. (This document focuses on signing up as a customer.)
    • Channel Partner: Select this option if you are a partner and will be accessing devices your customers own or rent. For example, you may be monitoring and supporting devices on behalf of an end customer.

Signing up as a customer

Complete these steps to sign up after selecting the Customer option on the welcome page (fields with a red asterisk are mandatory):

  1. Provide your work email. The system will check whether the email domain you entered belongs to an existing company in the database. If so, you will be given two options:
    • If your company is already using the Customer Portal, contact your administrator and request to be added. If you select this option, you’ll need to wait for your administrator to invite you to the company. You will receive an email with further instructions.
    • Create a new, separate company. If you select this option, proceed to the next step.



If someone within your company is already using our end Customer Portal, we recommend that you reach out to them and request to be added as a user, rather than opting to create a new organization.

  1. Click the Create New Organization button.
Screen for creating a new organization in Xyte.
  1. Fill in the fields on the screens that follow, providing a name for the company, your full name, and a password.
  2. Next, you’ll be asked to invite teammates by providing their work emails. (Adding teammates at this stage is not mandatory; you can invite them at a later stage.)
  3. Click Finish. Your company dashboard will be displayed.
Organization Overview screen.

If you are new to the Customer Portal, take a look at our Get started in the Customer Portal guide.