Claim a device

Spaces can claim devices.


Devices can have one of three statuses:

Unregistered: The device has never been connected online and has not registered with the central server.

Registered: The device has registered with the central server, but has not yet been claimed.

Claimed: The device has been claimed by a customer.

Claiming a device assigns the device to a space in your company. Each device may only be claimed by one organization and located in a single space. Once claimed, the owner can remotely monitor the device, send commands, configuration changes and much more.

While moving devices between spaces is allowed, a device cannot be moved to another customer without deleting the full device history and re-claiming the device.

Steps to claim a device

To claim a device:

  1. Navigate to the Organization Overview screen.
  2. In the Spaces section, select the space that will claim the device.
  3. In the dashboard, click the + Claim Device button.
  4. If you are connected to a multi-vendor cloud, you will need to select the vendor who supplied the device. If you are connected to a single vendor, this field will not be displayed.
  5. Select the model.
  6. Depending on the claiming method, provide the serial number and MAC address or the Device Cloud ID. This information is mandatory, as it identifies a specific device. (See: Device Identifiers below)
  1. Provide a name to easily identify the device. It can be descriptive, like "Screen on auditorium wall".
  2. Click Claim a device.

Your claimed device will display in the dashboard, and you can click it to access more information about the device and its performance. See the Devices documentation for further details.

Device identifiers

The Claiming process, requires the owner to provide information to prove they own the device being claimed. Each manufacturer defines what information needs to be provided and the claiming dialog will request the user to fill the appropriate fields.

The data requested can appear in multiple locations, depending on the manufacturers. Such as:

  1. Original device packaging
  2. Printed on the device (front or back)
  3. Available via the device's interface (e.g. in the menu options for cloud monitoring)
  4. Provided by the reseller/manufacturer post purchase over email
  5. etc


Can't find the information requested during the claiming process?

Please contact the manufacturer's support.

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