3. Claim your first device

Prepare your device

Make sure the device to monitor is powered up and connected to the Internet.

Once a device is up and running, it automatically registers with the cloud server and becomes ready for "claiming" (assigning the ownership and control).

Claiming a device, assigns it to an End Customer tenant and into a space (like the one created in the previous step).

After claiming, devices can be moved freely between spaces.

Claim the device

  1. Navigate to the Organization Overview screen.
  2. In the Spaces section, select the space where the device should be placed.
  3. In the dashboard, click the + Claim Device button (top right)
  4. Select the vendor of the device to claim (this option might not show for some manufacturers).
  5. Select the model of the device.
  6. Depending on the form displayed do the following:
    1. If prompted for Serial Number and MAC address
      • Copy the information from the information printed on the device to be claimed.
    2. If prompted for a "Device Cloud ID"
      • Find the Cloud ID printed on the device.
    3. If unclear, check the manufacturer's documentation on where to find the required information.
  7. Provide a name to easily identify the device. It can be descriptive, like "Screen on auditorium wall".
  8. Click Claim a device.

Your claimed device will display in the dashboard, and you can click it to access more information about the device and its performance.

If the claiming process fails, check the manufacturer documentation or contact support by clicking the user icon on the top-right menu and select "Contact Support".


Having trouble claiming your first device?

Please consult the Claim a device documentation for more information.

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