2. Create a new space

Navigate to Organization Overview

Navigate to the Organization Overview section of the Control Center, via the left-hand navigation.

  • If you just signed in, this will be the screen you’ll land on.
  • The Navigation documentation goes into more detail about the sections of the portal and how to navigate them.

As shown in the following image, there are three main areas on the screen that you’ll interact with when using the Organization Overview section of the portal:

  1. The left-hand navigation gives you quick access to all areas of the Customer Portal. This panel is visible on every screen in the portal.
  2. The Spaces section shows the virtual configuration of your company’s physical setup.
  3. The configurable dashboard displays summary information of the selected space.
Organization Overview screen showing the three main sections.

Create a new space

The Spaces section is a tree structure that shows the virtual configuration that reflects your company’s physical setup. The spaces are used to group managed devices in a tree like structure.

To add a new space, hover over an existing one, click the "..." and select "Add new space" in the drop down menu.

Follow the Add and manage spaces guide for more information managing spaces.

Go ahead and play around with the spaces you just created.


Be aware!

Do not delete or move any spaces that were already created for your company as this will impact all other users in your company.