Manage email notifications and webhooks.

Via the Notifications screen, you can set up email and webhook notifications that will keep you updated about events that occur in the Customer Portal.

Email notifications

The Customer Portal can be configured to send notifications to a configured email address about events such as new referrals and new tickets.


The built-in webhook integration allows you to connect to any services that support webhook functionality. Webhook connections enable you to ensure that any ticket activity that occurs within the Customer Portal is replicated in your application in real time.

You can create unique webhooks to use when a ticket is opened, updated, or closed, and you can add custom headers and parameters as required for your service.

The following webhook notifications can be configured:

  • Opened Ticket Notifications: sent when a new ticket is created.
  • Updated Ticket Notifications: sent when a ticket is updated.
  • Closed Ticket Notifications: sent when a ticket is closed.
  • New Chat Message Notifications: sent when there’s a new chat message.

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