Settings overview

Configure and customize your Customer Portal.

The Settings section of the Customer Portal serves as a central hub for configuring and customizing various aspects of the portal. Here, users can fine-tune preferences, adjust parameters, and manage account-related details.

In the Settings section, you can view and manage:

  • API Keys: The keys used to authenticate other applications or services that access your data.
  • Audit Logs: A record of security-related actions taken within your company.
  • Contacts: Contact points and preferred methods of contact for the organization.
  • Credit Cards: Your payment cards.
  • External Support Access: Access controls for external support users and groups.
  • Integrations: Integrations with external tools, such as ticketing systems, messaging platforms, etc.
  • Notifications: Preferences regarding email notifications for new referrals, new tickets, etc., as well as webhook configurations for device notifications.
  • Plan & Billing: Your plan settings (upgrade your plan, add support seats, delete your account, etc.).
  • Reports: preferences regarding daily reporting on incidents.
  • Users & Groups: User and group settings (create new users/groups, manage permissions, etc.).