Organization API overview

Overview of the Organization API.

The API is designed to be RESTful, supporting standard HTTP methods such as GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE for interacting with resources.

Each endpoint requires proper authentication and authorization, typically through an API key included in the request header. Read more about managing your API Keys.

Organization API

With your API keys, you can make calls to the following endpoints:

  • Devices: access and manage the devices associated with the organization, including their statuses and activities.
  • Organization Info: retrieve detailed information about the organization, including its settings and configurations.
  • Spaces: interact with the spaces within the organization, such as rooms or areas, to manage their attributes and usage.
  • Histories: query historical data related to the organization’s devices and spaces for insights and analytics.
  • Incidents: report and track incidents occurring within the organization’s environment for timely resolution and management.
  • Tickets: create, update, and resolve tickets to handle requests and issues reported by the organization’s users.

Get your API Keys

To access and manage your API keys, navigate to Settings in the left-hand menu and select the API Keys tile.

You can add keys by clicking the + Create new API Key button. When creating new keys, you’ll be asked to name them. This will help you track what a given key is being used for, which is helpful when revoking keys later.

You can revoke API keys by clicking their checkboxes which will reveal a top menu with a Delete option.