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The Device Cloud enables you to remotely access and support all your devices from anywhere in the world, through one unified view. The Customer Portal is designed to enable faster issue resolution and greater operational efficiencies, while extending life cycles and lowering the total cost of ownership for your devices and equipment.

Streamlining Device Management

The Customer Portal offers a suite of tools designed to simplify and optimize the management of your connected devices throughout their entire lifecycle.

The platform supports:

  • Device onboarding and management: streamlines the process of setting up, configuring, organizing and controlling your device fleet, ensuring efficient and scalable deployments.

  • Remote monitoring and management: send remote commands, manage firmware versions for your device fleet, centralize management of device files, licenses and warranties.

  • Data and insights: monitor device performance, analyze trends and extract information through real-time data visualization and customizable reports.

  • Subscription management: easily purchase and manage device subscriptions.

  • Security and compliance: ensure data privacy and system integrity through measures like secure communication protocols, user access controls and adherence to industry standards.

  • Additional features: enhance the Customer Portal’s capabilities by offering over-the-air updates, scripting for automation and integrations with external systems, further optimizing device management and streamlining workflows.


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