Xyte seamlessly integrates with several services to extend and enhance the functionality of the platform. Each integration is configured by the system admin and can be disabled at any time. Xyte uses different authentication methods depending on the third-party solution provider, as detailed below:‌

  1. Ticketing Systems:

    1. ServiceNow – Authentication is done using a special user created on ServiceNow. Access is via the username and password.

    2. ConnectWise Manage - Authentication is done using public and private key

    3. Salesforce - via OAuth2

    4. Fresh Service - Username & Password or API Key

    5. Jira Service Desk - via OAuth2

    6. Airtable - using webhook (inbuilt into Airtable service)

    7. - using webhook (via 3rd party automation platform)

  2. Messaging Platforms:

    1. Microsoft Teams – Incoming webhook

    2. Slack – Native Slack application via OAuth2

    3. Cisco WebEx Teams - via Webhook

    4. Google Chat - Xyte bot in relevant channels

    5. Email - No authentication

  3. UC Platforms:

    1. Zoom – Native Zoom Application via OAuth2

    2. Microsoft Teams Rooms - Native via OAuth2

  4. Other Cloud Platforms :

    1. XiO Cloud – Authentication is done using an account ID and subscription key generated in XiO Cloud. XiO Cloud is a read-only API, and Workplace by Xyte periodically queries the customer’s XiO instance to get the devices’ status and trigger alerts

    2. Q-SYS Reflect - via Organization API token

    3. BrightSign - via User & Password

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