Zoom Rooms

Monitoring Zoom Rooms has never been so easy. Simply connect Xyte with your Zoom environment, and get instant notifications when a Zoom Room goes offline or any of its peripherals disconnect, including room scheduling displays.

Note: For the Zoom integration, a Zoom Business (or Enterprise) account is required. During the configuration process, Zoom admin privileges are also required.

Configuring the Xyte <-> Zoom Integration

1. To start, log in to the Xyte portal, go to Settings > Integrations > UC Platforms, and select Zoom.

2. Click the "Add to Zoom" button.

3. Log in using your Zoom admin credentials and confirm the integration.

4. To complete the configuration, you need to enable all alerts in Zoom. In the Zoom admin portal, go to Zoom Rooms, and make sure your account is selected in the organization tree on the left.

5. Click on "Account Settings" next to your account name, and select the "Alert" tab. Make sure all alerts and notifications are enabled.

Configuring a Zoom Room

Once the Zoom integration is configured, binding a Zoom Room to your Workplace by Xyte portal is simple. Navigate to the Configuration section of the portal, and in the organization tree select the space to which you would like to add your Zoom Room. Go to the "Devices" tab, and click "Add device."

In the popup window, select "Zoom" for the vendor and "Zoom Room" for the model, and pick your Zoom Room from the drop-down list. If you have added new Zoom Rooms in your Zoom tenant since your last visit, click "Refresh" to reload the list of Rooms from your Zoom tenant.

Give an optional friendly name to your Zoom Room (if this field is left empty, Xyte will use the Zoom Room name), and click "Assign Device."

Uninstalling the Xyte App

To disconnect Zoom from your Xyte tenant, simply log in to the Xyte portal, navigate to Settings > Integrations > UC Platforms, and select "Zoom." Click "Remove" to disable the integration.

To completely remove the authorization, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Zoom account and navigate to the Zoom App Marketplace.

2. Go to Manage > Installed Apps, or search for the Xyte app.

3. Select the app.

4. Click "Uninstall."

Zoom Phone is supported in your Xyte platform

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