XiO Cloud

Connecting Crestron devices through the Crestron XiO Cloud allows admins to easily manage and monitor XiO supported devices (full list here) in Workplace by Xyte, getting alerts and triggering service tickets and notifications.

Using this method is ideal for Flex devices, scheduling touch panels, and other "non-programmable" devices.

Note: To monitor XiO devices, the customer must have an active XiO tenant with API support.

Note: Configuration of XiO devices will be done in the XiO portal. Alerts and notifications will be triggered in both portals.

Configuring the XiO Integration

To configure the XiO integration:

1. Create a new XiO API subscription key.

2. In the Workplace by Xyte portal, go to Settings > Integrations > Monitoring Services > Crestron XiO, and fill in the account ID and subscription key information from the XiO portal.

3. Click "Update" to make sure that the credentials have been entered correctly. If so, you should see a green "success" popup in the top-right corner.

4. Click "Next" to navigate to the "Enable" tab, and click "Activate."

Adding a New XiO Device

Due to the nature of the Crestron XiO Cloud API, XiO devices must first be claimed in the XiO portal before they can be added to the Workplace by Xyte portal.

To add a device:

1. Claim the device you want to add to the XiO portal.

2. In the Workplace by Xyte portal, navigate to the Configuration section.

3. In the organization tree, hover over the space where you would like to add the new device, click the ☰ menu to open the space's Actions menu, and select "Add Device." (Alternatively, click on the space's name, select the "Devices" tab on the right, and click "Add device.")

4. In the popup, select "Crestron (XiO)" as the vendor.

5. Select the model of the device you would like to add from the list of supported devices and enter the device's MAC address and serial number.

6. Add an optional friendly name for the device, and click the"Assign Device" button.

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