Organization Info

This API returns detailed information about the Organization.

Authorization: All requests must be authenticated and authorized by adding a special Header to each request containing the Organization Key (available in


Organization Key



Field details
  "id": "UUID: Unique Organization ID",
  "name": "String: Organization name",
  "created_at": "DateTime: Date of creation",
  "lab": "Boolean: Is this organization a test only lab",
  "partner": "String: Name of partner",
  "domain": "String: Default domain",
  "mobile_domain": "String: Default mobile domain",
  "pricing_plan": "String: Current pricing plan",
  "contacts": {
    "admin_email": "Email",
    "admin_name": "String",
    "finance_email": "Email",
    "finance_name": "String"
  "statistics": {
    "devices": "Number: Claimed devices",
    "users": "Number: Registered users",
    "groups": "Number: Groups",
    "spaces": "Number: Spaces in space tree",
    "open_tickets": "Number",
    "open_incidents": "Number",
    "pending_invoices": "Number"
Example return data
  "id": "d035....",
  "name": "Skynet Lab",
  "created_at": "2022-11-16T12:04:12Z",
  "lab": true,
  "partner": "Skynet",
  "domain": "",
  "mobile_domain": "",
  "pricing_plan": "free",
  "contacts": {
    "admin_email": "",
    "admin_name": "Main Admin",
    "finance_email": "",
    "finance_name": "Main Finance"
  "statistics": {
    "devices": 16,
    "users": 5,
    "groups": 1,
    "spaces": 11,
    "open_tickets": 2,
    "open_incidents": 12,
    "pending_invoices": 4

Error Handling

  • 401 Unauthorized: If the api_key is not provided or is invalid.

  • 403 Forbidden: If the user does not have permission to perform the requested action.

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