Xyte offers seamless integration with Slack to allow support teams and service providers to receive relevant notifications when events are triggered in an organization within Xyte.

Configuring the Slack integration

Follow these steps to configure the Slack integration:

1. In the Xyte portal, go to Settings > Integrations > Messaging Platforms > Slack.

3. Approve the connection between Slack and Xyte by clicking "Allow."

4. Click "Next" to select the default channel for new tickets, and click "Update."

5. Click "Next" to activate the integration.

6. A green "success" popup will be shown in the top-right corner when the connection is established successfully.

Refresh your data by clicking the purple wheel. This will sync the most current data from Slack when configuring the service in the Xyte portal.

Incident Routing

Xyte allows system administrators to easily route incidents to the most relevant Slack channel, based on the location of the troubled device. This way, notifications about issues from certain locations can be sent to specific teams.

Closing Incidents from Slack

The Xyte <> Slack integration allows you to close an incident within a Slack channel by clicking the "Close Incident" button. This will then be reflected in the Incident Routing tab in the Xyte portal.

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