(using Webhooks)

Workplace by Xyte offers seamless integration with Airtable to allow IT help desk teams and service providers to centrally manage all their tickets in one place.

Configuring the Airtable Integration

Creating tickets in Airtable is simple, using the Xyte webhook integration. Follow these steps to configure the Airtable integration:

1. Go to, create an account if you don't already have one, and log in.

2. Create a new workspace and define the column names as shown below.

3. Click the "AUTOMATIONS" button at the top right to start configuring the webhook integration to Xyte, and choose "Create a custom automation."

4. Choose a friendly name for the automation and select "When webhook received" in the drop-down "Trigger type" list.

5. Copy the webhook URL.

6. In the Workplace by Xyte portal, navigate to Settings > Integrations > Webhook and paste this address into the "Create incident URL" field.

7. Click the "Update" button, and a green "success" popup should appear in the top-right corner.

8. Click the "Test create" button to send an example incident to Airtable.

9. In Airtable, click the "Run test" button to check if the webhook sent from Xyte was successful, then click "Done."

10. Under "Action type," select "Create record"; then select the table created from the drop-down list.

11. Now, map the column headings to the sample webhook sent from Xyte, as shown in the following screenshot.

12. Once all column data is mapped, test the webhook again by selecting "Run test" before clicking "Done."

13. Incidents will now appear automatically in Airtable when triggered within Xyte.

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