Tenant Settings

To access the tenant settings - click on the arrow next to your tenant name to bring up the settings menu.


In the Users tab, you can add, delete and manage Users who can access your Xyte Customer Portal.


In the Groups tab, you can add, delete and manage the groups that users within your Xyte Customer Portal are assigned. Allowing you to create different groups with varying levels of access within your tenant

Authorized Access

In the Authorized Access tab, you can revoke users within your Xyte Customer Portal that have been granted access within the organziational tree to particular areas or spaces

Usage Count

In the Usage Count tab, you have insight into the number of devices in each particular space. This is used to validate the charges for spaces based on the number of devices in each space.


Refer Core API section for a detailed guide to interacting with your API Key


In the Reports tab, you can configure an email notification to send a summary of all the incidents across your Xyte tenant, you can also set at what time of the day you would like to receive this email notification.


In the Notifications tab, you can configure your email to be notified each time an incident occurs within your Xyte tenacy.


In the Integrations tab, you can configure both your support integrations and device integrations to either connect your support ticketing system/chat platform for incident routing or connect devices supported by Xyte


In the Contacts tab, you can configure the recipient for your Finance and Admin contacts for your Xyte tenancy.

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