WebEx Teams

Xyte offers seamless integration with Cisco Webex Teams to allow support teams and service providers to receive relevant notifications when events are triggered in an organization within Xyte.

Configuring the Webhook

Xyte sends notifications to Cisco Webex Teams using webhooks. To configure a new webhook in Webex Teams:

  1. Select the team and channel to which you would like to send the notifications, and select "Add Apps..." from the Settings menu.​‌

In the new App Hub window that opens, enter "webhook" in the search field and select "Incoming Webhooks" from the results list.

Click the "Connect" button.​


At the bottom of the page, give the new webhook a name, and select a space to configure it for.

Click the "Add" button to complete the process, and copy the webhook URL.​‌

Configuring the Integration in the Xyte Portal

‌Follow these steps to configure the Cisco Webex Teams integration:

  1. In the Xyte portal, browse to Settings > Integrations > Messaging Platforms > WebEx Teams.

Paste in the webhook URL from the Webex Teams configuration, and click "Update."‌

A green "success" popup will be shown in the top-right corner when the connection is established successfully.

Click "Send test message" to send a message to test the new webhook.

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