Portal Overview

The XYTE End User Portal is divided into several main sections:

Control Center - includes the Organizational Overview and Incidents to allow comprehensive insights into the overall status of your organization, allowing configuration of your devices within their spaces/rooms by remotely managing and supporting your XYTE connected devices
Asset Management - includes the Devices and Files, which displays a collated list of all devices/assets connected within an organization, allowing administrators to push updates to multiple devices remotely. In addition, you can view and manage a list of all files that have been attached to devices, areas, and spaces
Digital Products - includes the Store and Your Products to simplify the management of the digital licenses and subscriptions available to enhance the functionality of your devices connected to XYTE. You can add or reassign these licenses and manage billing cycles, while also maintaining hardware warranties.
Support - includes the Tickets and MSP to provide proactive management of any tickets impacting the performance of the devices across your organization. This technical information allows for proactive diagnosis remotely by the MSP or manufacturer, ensuring the devices within meeting spaces have optimal uptime.
Tennant/User Settings - provides fine-grained control over the administrative settings for your organization/tenant including integrations and user & group access management
The menu bar on the left-hand side allows you to navigate your XYTE end-user portal based on your needs.
You can minimize and expand this menu by using the arrow down the bottom.
By clicking on the tenant name at the top of this menu, you can access both the tenant settings & switch between multiple tenants (for MSP's)
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