Microsoft Teams Rooms

Monitoring your Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTR) is now seamless as ever. Simply connect Workplace by Xyte (WbX) with your Teams environment, and you'll get instant notifications when a MTR goes offline or any of its peripherals disconnect from the MTR controller.

Note: For successful MTR integration, an admin account is required

Configuring the Xyte <-> MTR Integration

1. To start, log in to the Workplace by Xyte portal, go to Settings > Integrations > UC Platforms, and select Microsoft Teams.

2. Click the "Add" button.

3. You will be redirected to the MS Teams Integration page, click on the 'Connect' button which will prompt you to enter in your Microsoft Teams admin credentials

3. The import will take several minutes depending on your number of MTR endpoints. It will require you to refresh the integration page to update the status of the import.

By selecting the 'Auto' checkbox - when a new MTR endpoint is added into your Teams account, it will automatically be imported into your WbX portal as well for remote management and monitoring.

4. Once status has changed to 'Active' - you can now close the MS Teams Integration configuration page and return to your WbX dashboard.

Configuring the Teams Room

Once the MTR integration is configured, binding a Teams Room to your Workplace by Xyte portal is simple. Navigate to the Organization section of the portal, and in the organization tree, the Teams endpoints will be added to the tree structure when the import is successful.

Simply drag the MTR endpoints to their respective spaces within the WbX organizational tree to allow you to manage and monitor the MTR device within its actual room/space location.

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