Configure notifications for Slack

Configuring the Webhook

To configure a new webhook in Slack, head to the "Apps" section in the Slack application. Search for "webhook," and click "Incoming WebHooks."

Add a WebHook app to the Slack workspace

Click "View in App Directory," and in the window that appears click "Add to Slack."

In the "Post to Channel" section, choose the channel you would like to send the messages to, then click "Add Incoming WebHooks Integration."

Choose the channel you would like to post messages to

From the next page, copy the webhook URL.

Configuring the Integration in the CloudOS Portal

In the CloudOS portal, browse to Settings > Integrations > Messaging Platforms, and select "Slack." Paste in the webhook URL from the the Slack configuration, and click "Update." Send a test message to test the new webhook.

Enjoy Slacking!