Retrieve historical information about incidents using our API.

This API allows you to access historical information about incidents.

Authentication & Authorization

All requests must be authenticated and authorized by adding a special Header to each request containing the Organization Key. See how to get your API Keys which must be entered in the Authorization field.

Organization KeyAuthorization

Get a list of incidents

This endpoint returns a list of the incidents experienced by a company's devices.


All results are paginated into a maximum of 1000 results per query. The data is returned in a JSON format with pagination information. The items array contains a row for each device history entry:

Query Parameters

from*DateTimeDate time to start from (epoch time)
to*DateTimeDate time to end query (epoch time)
pageintegerWhich page of the pagination to bring (default 1)
page-sizeintegermax 500
space_idstringLimit results to all devices within a space
statusstringLimit results to all devices with a single status . active / closed
prioritystringcritical / high / moderate / low / planning
titlestringIncident's title
descriptionstringIncident's description
issuestringIncident's issue name
device_modelstringDevice's model name
partner_namestringPartner's name
sub_modelstringThe sub model of the device to filter on.

*If no from and to parameters are provided, then the default fetch is for the last week.




    "items": [
	"uuid": "67198d..",
	"name": "Device's friendly name",
	"model": "Device Model",
	"partner": "Partner name", 
	"space_id": 3220,
	"state": {
		"status": "online",
		"key": "value"
	"created_at": "2022-07-08T17:15:00.000Z"
    "has_next_page": true

Error Handling

  • 401 Unauthorized: the api_key is not provided or is invalid.
  • 403 Forbidden: the user does not have permission to perform the requested action.