Organization Info

Access your organization's information using our API.

This endpoint returns detailed information about the Organization.


All requests must be authenticated and authorized by adding a special Header to each request containing the Organization Key. See how to get your API Keys which must be entered in the Authorization field.

Organization KeyAuthorization

Retrieve organization info

This endpoint returns organization information.



  "id": "UUID: Unique Organization ID",
  "name": "String: Organization name",
  "created_at": "DateTime: Date of creation",
  "lab": "Boolean: Is this organization a test only lab",
  "partner": "String: Name of partner",
  "domain": "String: Default domain",
  "mobile_domain": "String: Default mobile domain",
  "pricing_plan": "String: Current pricing plan",
  "contacts": {
    "admin_email": "Email",
    "admin_name": "String",
    "finance_email": "Email",
    "finance_name": "String"
  "statistics": {
    "devices": "Number: Claimed devices",
    "users": "Number: Registered users",
    "groups": "Number: Groups",
    "spaces": "Number: Spaces in space tree",
    "open_tickets": "Number",
    "open_incidents": "Number",
    "pending_invoices": "Number"
  "id": "d035....",
  "name": "Skynet Lab",
  "created_at": "2022-11-16T12:04:12Z",
  "lab": true,
  "partner": "Skynet",
  "domain": "",
  "mobile_domain": "",
  "pricing_plan": "free",
  "contacts": {
    "admin_email": "[email protected]",
    "admin_name": "Main Admin",
    "finance_email": "[email protected]",
    "finance_name": "Main Finance"
  "statistics": {
    "devices": 16,
    "users": 5,
    "groups": 1,
    "spaces": 11,
    "open_tickets": 2,
    "open_incidents": 12,
    "pending_invoices": 4

Error Handling

  • 401 Unauthorized: the api_key is not provided or is invalid.
  • 403 Forbidden: the user does not have permission to perform the requested action.