Q-SYS Reflect

Connecting Q-SYS devices through the Q-SYS Reflect cloud allows admins to easily manage and monitor Q-SYS supported devices in Workplace by Xyte, getting alerts and triggering service tickets and notifications.

Configuring a new Q-SYS Reflect manager API Key

In order to claim devices connected to Q-SYS Core from within Xyte, an API token is required for integration to your Workplace by the Xyte portal. Follow the below steps to attain the required API token from the Q-SYS Reflect system.
To configure the Q-SYS Reflect integration and import all your Q-SYS connected devices, follow these steps. Note that you'll first need to acquire an API token:
1. Log in to your Q-SYS Reflect manager account
2. Navigate to "Management" / "Organizations"
3. Select your organization
4. Go to the "API Tokens" tab and click the "+ New Token" button to add a new API key & copy it
5. In the Xyte portal, go to Settings > Integrations > Monitoring Services > Q-SYS
6. Add the details for "Q-SYS integration token" and click "Update"
7. A green "successful" popup will be positioned in the top right-hand corner when the connection is established successfully
8. Click "Next" to "Import" the Q-SYS entire organizational device structure into Workplace by Xyte
9. A green "successful" popup will be positioned in the top right-hand corner when the import has been completed successfully
In Q-SYS Reflect Manager, create a new integration token

Claiming Q-SYS connected devices

Refer to the detailed guide on how to claim and add these connected Q-SYS devices in Claim a new device article.