Xyte's Crestron Modules

Connect custom programmed Crestron devices to the cloud
The Xyte Crestron modules are a set of custom programmed SIMPL, S+ and S# modules that are designed to help system integrators connect devices through Crestron control systems to the Workplace by Xyte cloud for management and monitoring.
The Crestron modules use the Xyte Integrators API, available to all Xyte partners. Therefore, if a new, custom device is needed, that is not currently available in the Xyte modules, it can be easily added using custom code.
The modules and the demo program were designed for SIMPL windows, so that each system integrator can modify, change and add devices to their systems as required based on hardware configuration and deployments.
To get started quickly, download the demo program below with the Xyte modules.
Xyte Gateway
Xyte Modules
If you need any assistance with specific Crestron modules or generic devices connected to Crestron control systems, please contact us at [email protected]